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The GitLab Cookbook provides over 60 hands-on recipes to efficiently self-host your own Git repository using GitLab.


  • PACKT Publishing
  • This E-Book is available in the DRM-free formats PDF, EPUB and MOBI in the PACKT store. On all other channels the format might be limited.
  • On Google Play (most likely EPUB)
  • At (EPUB with DRM?)
  • See my review below.


This review is based on my study of the GitLab Cookbook as E-Book. My background: I am maintaining an own GitLab instance within a small group of developers since a couple of weeks. So, I have already a solid background of GitLab, but did not know too much about some advanced techniques like webhooks and CI.


  • Many recipes are "closed", you don't need to read the complete book to benefit.
  • Good structure with "Getting ready", "How to do it" and "How it works".
  • Also contains some basic Git introductions to get started (and even advanced features like rebase, squashing).
  • Enough images to illustrate using the GUI.
  • Contains hints about useful testing tools like "RequestBin" and "Postman".
  • Good index.
  • Available also as EPUB. No DRM.


  • Contains some minor structural and lecture errors.
  • Too much Ubuntu related for me, but fortunately also covers source code installation.

Summary: The GitLab Cookbook provides many useful recipes for running a GitLab instance on the own server. Of course the book can't go always so much in detail, but it covers all main topics - and more. Beginners but also advanced users will benefit from it. The book is good for general learning but also to just look-up certain topics, e.g. if you just want to get info about merge requests.